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UPDATE:  In preparation for my second book, Stories from Cambodia, Donald and I are heading back to Cambodia on February 6th with a short stop in Singapore first.  Please join us as we travel the backroads visiting places not found on the usual tours.  Thank you.

About the Author

Alexandra Rosen earned a graduate degree in history and is a former business woman from Knoxville, Tennessee. She and her longtime travel partner, Donald Cooney, have been journeying together since 1992, favoring edgy destinations not yet on the international tourist map. In the last twenty years, she has visited eighty-nine countries.

About my latest book - Colombia: A Rosen-Cooney Travel Story—No Passports Required: Bogota, the Coffee Zone, Cartagena, and Tayrona National Park

The country of Colombia, emerging from the fog of its violent past, has been shedding its reputation as a dangerous place. For travel, it is still a little on the edge, with many of the country's sites as yet undiscovered by tourists. In this travelogue, author Alexandra Rosen shares her experiences journeying to Colombia—a place filled with superlatives and unquestionable charm.

With her longtime travel partner, Donald Cooney, Rosen provides a lively account of their adventures exploring Bogota, the Coffee Zone, Cartagena, and Tayrona National Park. Colombia blends factual information and historical background with engaging anecdotes and descriptions of the country's people, cuisine, art, music, and natural and manmade surroundings.

Including general tips culled from travel to eighty-nine countries, Rosen describes Colombia as a superb destination as well as a great place for a journey. This guide shares Rosen's and Cooney's excursion through Colombia's history and time, witnessing its past while experiencing its present. They arrived with a collection of facts and data and left with an appreciation of Colombia's diverse culture and a positive belief in its future.